Priyanka Chopra denies the report regarding her unaccounted fortune

Mumbai: The latest rumors in the movie industry of Bollywood are related to the unaccounted fortune of the super star Priyanka Chopra. After a raid from the tax department, the actress was accused for not having declared all of her income. However it appears that the well liked Bollywood actress does not agree with this allegations, as she feels that the rumors about this have been exaggerated. She also believes that they have affected her image in Bollywood.

The accountants of the Bollywood actress have issued an official statement saying that at the time of the famous raid, the sum uncounted for was of 50,000 cr. Which was found in the home of Priyanka Chopra. They also wanted to add that the other riches of the super star were accounted for. These includes the jewelry and the houses owned by Priyanka Chopra.

The famous searched from the tax department took place on Monday, 24th of January. At that time they also raided the house of another Bollywood super star, none other than Katrina Kaif.

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