Priyanka Chopra in a rickshaw

The hot and popular actress Priyanka Chopra has made her appearance at a recent public event in a rickshaw and not in her personal car. This gesture has managed to surprise everyone as it seemed so out of place and none characteristic for the Bollywood super star. Later on we managed to find out the reason for this unexpected appearance.

It seems that rumors related to the actress which present her as a humble and simple woman are in fact true. When her car broke down, the Bollywood actress did not hesitated and got into a rickshaw in order to get to the event where she was invited. The event was none other than the release and press conference of the new film ‘Pearls Wave 2’ at the Grand Hyatt Hotel from Kalina.

She has previous proved her good character when she helped Sahil, the newcomer to this taught Bollywood film industry. Bollywood super star Priyanka Chopra gave him advice regarding his acting and aided him in getting a few things right.

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