Priyanka Chopra’s rise to stardom

After several years in the industry Priyanka Chopra has already made a place for herself in the industry. Though there has been several rumours surrounding her but she seems to be hardly bothered about such gossips. There has been much speculation about her friendship with Shahrukh Khan and there have also been rumours about how Gauri, wife of Shahrukh recently ignored her at a recent get-together. When Priyanka was asked about the kind of equation that she shared with Shahrukh she chose not to comment on the particular topic. Priyanka is quite upbeat about her latest film” Agneepath” but she also seemed to be nervous about her latest venture. Priyanka added that the feedback regarding the film has been great and Hrithik and Sanjay Dutt have really performed well for the movie. Priyanka also added that she was very happy that Karan Malhotra who was a first time director decided to cast Priyanka for the role. Regarding the movie Priyanka added that she has not yet watched the easier version of the movie and she is happy her part were written keeping her in mind . Priyanka shared a good rapport with Karan Malhotra when she worked for Dostana . Priyanka though has not been signed for Dostana-2 but her relationship with the entire team was good. The buzz is doing the rounds that her relationship with Yash Raj films have not been that good as she refused to share screen space in their project “Pyar Impossible “ which had Uday Chopra Priyanka refused to agree as she stated that she refused to work with Uday Chopra Productions and not Yash Raj films. The industry is also buzzing with rumours that she does not share a good relationship with Salman Khan since she is close to Shahrukh. Priyanka however believes that it is because of her hard work and support from fans that she had reached so far in her career.

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