Priyanka Refuses To Perform On New Year’s Eve

Rumors are that beautiful Priyanka refused to join the band wagon of Bipasha Basu, Malika Sherawat and Co on New Year’s Eve. Despite of her high salary, the actress was not at all interested in this offer which included a performance at a 5 stars hotel on the New Year’s eve party. Even thought the amount that she was offered for his performance was double compared to what she makes in a film Priyanka still refused it.

Not to mention that the amount of time spend would only be 3 hours, as compared to a movie performance that takes much longer than that – months to be exact. The main question that everybody asks is way did she turned down such a advantageous offer.

Sources close to the actress state that the main raison of her refusal was her diva image that might be affected by this. Sources also say that the actress Priyanka is not very comfortable acting in front of a live audience, this being a reason of her decline of the profitable offer.

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