Rakhi charges Rs 2 lakh for two hours of chatting

New Delhi: The hot item girl in Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant, really likes to be in the news at all time, and knows what to do to stay in the headlines. She has several strategies set up to keep her in the buzz constantly, and the infamous item girl can now take pride in the fact that her name has become a sort of brand.

All her efforts are certainly not in vain (we are discussing about her now, aren’t we?), and she even managed to sign for a leading company in the mobile communication sector. She will be from now on their little star, or at least one of them.

The nautanki queen is being paid greatly by the company. According to one of our reliable sources, Rakhi now charges the huge sum of Rs 2 lakhs, all for taking two hours out of her time to speak to her fans. The actress must chat with each one of her fans, and attend them herself. Rakhi has not yet made herself available to comment on her new deal.

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