Rani Mukherjee displays rude behavior

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee is still not quite over the big disaster “Dil Bole Hadippa”. Ever since, she is keeping her distance from Yash Raj Films, and does not miss out on any opportunity to drag them through mud. During an award event held recently, she snubbed YRF production house not once, but three times. That’s not nice, Rani!

Rani did not even want to exchange pleasantries with the senior member of the YRF, though they did pass each other several times during the big event. There has not been anyone before Rani who had not spoken with utmost respect about Yash Chopra, and everybody at the event greeted him. Rani did not even make efforts to dissimulate her antipathy.

A source stated clearly that Rani arrived indeed late at the event, but her path and Chopra’s crossed at least twice that night. When this happened, the actress simply looked away. Whatever their issues are, this is not an appropriate behavior, especially not for one of the most respected actresses in Bollywood.

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