Rani Mukherjee: If south has Rajnikanth, we have Salman

Mumbai: It seems that the beautiful actress Rani Mukherjee has started to shed her recluse image. Probably due to the success of her last movie, the Bollywood celebrity has started to be more forthcoming to media interaction. Not to mention the fact that Rani really loves to go past political correctness at times.

For the time being, due to the fact that she is at a crossroad of a new dawn in her Bollywood career, the actress is more than excited to be working in movie productions which are bigger in concepts than in budgets. In spite of the fact that we have heard several rumors about a possible collaboration between Rani and Aamir Khan in Reema Kagti’s next, the Bollywood super star won’t talk about it. According to the actress Rani Mukherjee, she will only speak about this forthcoming project, at the moment when the release date will be near. Until that time the actress does not want to utter a word about it.

When talking about her co stars in the film so far, Rani had a few things to say. In fact she talked quite a lot about the super star Salman Khan. The tinsel town actress wanted to say that “He is a cult figure. Just as south has Rajnikanth, we have Salman Khan.” She also wanted to add that the actor Sallu is both adorable and good looking. In her opinion Salman Khan is the real rockstar.

The past few months, Rani has really started to be viewed like the one who has brought the feminist movement back to the film industry of Bollywood. When asked about her women centric movies, Rani said that she feels the viewers have really started to warm up to this sort of productions, but if they will not come in a large number to see them, the flicks in questions will not be able to be produced on a large scale.

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