Ratan Rajput: I want love and money

Mumbai: The popular television actress Ratan Rajput feels a bit unsure if her televised ‘swayamvar’ will manage to end with a wedding. However, when it comes down to choosing her future groom, the actress has her own special “P2 formula”.

“It’s very important to live practically these days…and for that you need both ‘pyaar’ (love) and ‘paisa’ (money)…that’s my P2 formula of finding my groom,” said the cheerful Ratan, who by the way in her swayamvar “Ratan Ka Rishta” on Imagine TV, has 16 boys to choose

The actress wanted to add that she does not want to run after money and work her entire life, as she really desires to have a balanced life. Ratan also mentioned that she strongly believes that it is normal to want money and to say it. “I do look forward to being with a man who can take care of my emotional and monetary needs,” Ratan stated.

The 20 year old actress added that “I don’t want to lie. Does anyone know what will happen tomorrow? So how can I say? I want to get married, I am looking for boys, but I can’t claim that I definitely will. I believe in living every moment of life; so I am living these moments happily. But, again, the very fact that I am talking about the swayamvar so confidently means I am serious. Hopefully I will find my match here.”

We have to mention that after her little announcement of her swayamvar, Ratan got 54,863wedding proposals and out of these it seems that are 16 prospective grooms. The majority of the grooms selected for the show come from small towns such as Haridwar, but have moved in metro cities or even abroad.

We have to say that it will be quite interesting to see theoutcome of this television show.

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