Remya Nambeesan excited about Illagnyan

Remya Nambeesan, a great actress of Bollywood, with Malayalam origins, is about to start shooting for a new film, “Illagnyan”, and seems to be very excited for this new role. She plays the lead character in this new film, a period adaptation. Her partner in the film is none other than Pa Vijay, the famous lyricist. Kalaignar Karunanidhi is the one behind the script, and Suresh Krishna is the one responsible for the dialogues and the screenplay.

Karunanidhi has reached the impressive number of 75 scripts written in his career that made it to production. Suresh Krishna (of Annamalai, Basha, Veera fame) is at his 50th film directed. Other names involved in the making of the film are Vidyasagar, who will compose the music, and B.L. Saljay, who will manage the cameras. Members of the cast are Nasser, Khushbu, Suman and Vadivelu.

The hardest assignment was related to the dialogues in the film “Illagnyan”, or so is the opinion of Remya. This was only because the episodes were recorded life, and everything had to be done perfectly from the first try.

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