Roushan Mishra about Mallika

Mumbai: Roushan Mishra is one of the biggest fans that Mallika Sherawat has in the entire world. Or at least this is what he says. In a recent interview he stated that being just a fan of the actress Mallika Sherawat is understatement. He is the self acclaimed greatest fan of the Bollywood actress.

Because of the fact he is a banker, he does not have that much a free time on his hands. He said that he saw of all her movies, the one from Bollywood but also those from the Hollywood film industry. Roushan Mishra is a big fan of the actress also because she does not shy herself from making bold statements.

When he found out that he got the chance to meet her, he was more than excited. The Mumbai Mirror gave him the good news, and the following moment he went to get new clothes for the moment when he was going to meet her. In Filmistan he went to see her as she was shooting her latest movie.

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