Saif likes Kareena in bikini

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor has always been a glamorous actress, showing off her talent in each film. The actress is very happy to be thought of as sexy, but what really touches her is when she hears that she is recognized as a good actress. As much as she likes to be called hot, she has set a limit and decided never to wear a bikini on screen.

Here we must ask ourselves whether she alone thought this would be best or if someone else stands behind the big decision, someone like…Saif? Kareena replied to this frankly that Saif simply loves her wearing a bikini. Bebo’s boyfriend has absolutely no issues with his girlfriend appearing in bikini on screen.

Kareena stated that Saif liked her very much in Kambakkht Ishq, and that he thought that she was very sexy in it. She added that the actor likes her better when she wears make-up and dresses up fashionably. He does not like her as much when she is looking as ‘a plain-Jane’.

So, Kareena only said no to bikini due to her fans.

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