Salman Khan to romance Katrina

Mumbai: The buzz in the film industry of Bollywood is that the celebrities Katrina Kai fans Salman Khan still have a chance at reconciliation. After their well known break up, the two actors said more than once that they have managed to stay friends in spite of it all. They even showed prove of this by performing together in Kabir Khan’s next flick. Apparently Sallu will be romancing his ex girlfriend Kat in the upcoming movie production under Yash Raj banner.

In most cases, after a break up, lovers avoid working together. However, in this regard the ex couple did rather well. This is the very first collaboration between Sallu and the Yash Raj production house, but Katrina Kaif has had prior contracts with it. As you may recall, Kat has worked in the film called ‘New York’ under the direction of Kabir Khan.

Well, casting Salman Khan opposite of Katrina Kaif will more than sure be in the advantage of the producer, as many are curious to see the ex couple romancing on the big screen.

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