Scandal goes further

Mumbai: The Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor had a real shock during the last week, and ever since, she feels terrible at the thought of changing her close.

Last week, the actress was caught on camera while she was undressing, and she is still under shock and unable to get passed the incident. And we cannot blame her for feeling this, considering the horrible way that her privacy was violated.

According to a tabloid based in Mumbai, the actress was in a hotel room when she was undressing in front of a camera, without her knowing. The authenticity of the clip is still under question, but the first impression is that it’s the real thing.

Kareena is very offended and now feels insecure to walk in any hotel room, or even leave her home. Other actresses understand Kareena and they themselves are frightened and worried about the attention turned into obsession around them, and feel that actions must be taken to resolve this serious matter.

What the actresses are going to do about to prevent other such incidents, we don’t know for now.

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