Shabana has emotional reunion with Faiz’s daughters

New Delhi: The actress Shabana Azmi experiences a most tearful moment while she was crossing the Wagah border to Pakistan. The two daughters of the famous Pakistani poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz were also there, and a very emotional reunion occurred.

Shabana was not crossing the border by herself, but accompanied by her husband and ten other theater actors, including Shama Zaidi, Rajendra Gupta, M.S. Sathyu, Lubna Arif and Atul Tiwari. They were going to Pakistan on an invitation made by the Faiz Foundation for the Faiz Ahmed Faiz Centennial.

Shabana confessed that Faiz is her absolute favorite poet, and that even her father, Kaifi Azmi had accepted this fact. She takes the complete works of Faiz “Saare Sukhan Hamare” anywhere she goes. The actress explained her bonding with the two daughters of Faiz, as Moneeza and Salima share with Shabana a common heritage. The three of them were raised together under the Progressive Writers Movement.

The actress wrote history with Javed, when they crossed the border Wagah on foot. She wishes that the two countries put besides their ill-will.

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