Shahid with Priyanka at the time of the raid

Mumbai: The beautiful Bollywood celebrity, Priyanka Chopra did not had such a great time these past few days and the main reason of this was the unexpected raid in her house from the tax department. When the Income Tax raid took place at her residence in the Versova area of Mumbai, it seems that the actress Priyanka Chopra was with Shahid.

Regarding the two delicate issues – the raid from the Income Tax and the presence of Shahid in her place – the actress wanted to explain herself. Of course she denied all of the accusations brought by the income officials. As for the surprising presence of Bollywood celebrity Shahid in her home she wanted to say that in such a delicate moment she felt she could call him, as he lives just a few minutes away from her.

It seems that the only person that popped into her head at a time like this was Shahid. Even thought she lives with her mother, at that time she was along and needed a moral support.

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