Shefali says no to kiss

Mumbai: There are many actresses in the film industry of Bollywood that do not want to do kissing scenes or expose their body in movies. The beautiful actress Shefali Shah is one of the tinsel town actresses which feat in this category. In a recent interview, the B-town actress admitted this is true. Even though she is all set to surprise her audience with her upcoming production called ‘Kuchh Luv Jaissa’ – or at least this is what she claims – the celebrity sustains that she will never act in a kissing scene.

The film in question is directed by Barnali Ray Shukla will present us with a provocative Shefali who in the film will be wearing revealing closes but will also appear in intimate scenes as well – but no kissing involved. “I have always gone with the demand of my character in the film, and here my role required me to look sexy and glamorous. But the scenes are dealt with deftly. If my children saw the film I won’t be embarrassed and I am glad that I did the film,” said the actress in an interview.

When the topic of kissing scenes came up, the actress said she will never do that “I would not”. The upcoming movie production ‘Kuchh Luv Jaisaa’ is produced by her husband Vipul Shah and also stars Rahul Bose as the leading man of the flick, alongside Neetu Chandra and the TV actor Sumeet Raghava.

The story of the movie is centered on Madhu, played by Shefali, a housewife’s encounter with Raghav, played by Rahul Bose, who is a criminal that deceives her into believing he is a private investigator. Gossips are that in order to play this par, the Bollywood actress had to lose a few kilos by dieting and following a very strict regimen. Plus Shefali also spent a day in jail where she talked with criminals and their families to get into the part.

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