Shefali Shah hates dressing up

Mumbai: Shefali Shah should be one busy person these days due to the release of her movie called ‘Kuchh Luv Jaisaa’. And she is busy, as the actress goes back and forth between the many phone calls and the instructions offered to her house help. Still, all the agitations around her do not seem to disturb her at all as she always has a radiant smile on her face.

Shefali Shah simply can’t stop talking about her new-found enchanting avatar, which she credits to a thorough exercise program and numerous days of thoughtful dieting. She is a mother of two and the wife of the film producer Vipul Shah, so the lovely actress now enters the world of the most beautiful mothers in the film industry of tinsel town.


The actress wants to point out that “In Bollywood, actresses always have to look a certain way. I, on the other hand, have always played true to the character I do in my films. In Kucch Luv Jaisaa, I play this glamorous, beautiful, pretty woman with amazing hair.” With a smile on her face, Shefali also stated that, “I am the least bit like that in real life. I don’t follow trends and I hate dressing up.”


In the production ‘Kucch Luv Jaisaa’ the celebrity plays the part of a bored housewife who makes the decision of spending a day with a total
stranger. When she was questioned about her on screen make over, the actress answered “I have a team with me that works on me very hard. Off-screen, you will always see me in a white shirt and a pair of jeans. Getting into the skin of the character I play in the film was obviously challenging. I needed to look a certain way.”

With a new film and a totally new look, Shefali seems all set to put her best foot forward.

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