Shilpa shares her plans for Valentine’s Day

New Delhi: One of our most loved and most popular actresses in Bollywood, Shilpa Shetty is making real plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a meaningful and loving way. Don’t let your mind wonder off too far, though. Shilpa is planning to spend this holiday spreading love to the unprivileged children.

The actress is not at her first charity action. Most starts in Bollywood like to give back. Shilpa, at the age of 35 years old, is the co owner of the IOSIS Medispa, alongside Kiran Bawa, her old friend. The actress shared her plans for the V day on her Twitter account, so that all her fans will know and hopefully decide to go help out themselves the needy children.

She and her friend, Kiran Bawa, have decided to donate 10% of total value of all the bills at IOSIS, Shilpa posted on her micro-blog. She also asked all her fans to come to her spa and make a contribution for the underprivileged.

Though we were wondering more about her romantic plans with her boyfriend, Raj Kundra, we must admit we all admire her for this unusual way of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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