Shilpa Shetty’s estate taken over by squatter gang

Surrey: According to our sources, it seems that a private estate in Britain that is the home to a multitude of celebrities which also includes the tinsel town super star Shilpa Shetty has apparently been taken over by a mob of squatters. The super stars residents of the St. Geaorge’s Hill community in Weybridge, Surrey, are apparently being asked to be more than attentive following the arrival of the squatters.

According to our sources, it seems that six squatters have moved in the abandoned cottage – which worth three million pounds and has six bedrooms – in April to be exact, and if you ask them, they sustain that they were not doing anything illegal. Reportedly, the property in question has been abandoned for almost six years, and ever since that time the building has become derelict.

“It is legal for me to be here. I found the place on Google maps so I came up to have a look and the place was open. The locks had been broken off, no one was living here, it was completely open – so why not?” a squatter named Stefan Cybulski told reporters. Apparently the unlawful residents have no intention of going away; in fact they want to stay as much as they can.

“It does seem pretty extraordinary that the police can’t do anything to get these people off the estate. They have no right to be here, yet the law appears to be on their side – it’s completely wrong.” a resident said. There is no surprise that the homeowners want the illegal residents to go away. It seems that recently a security guard has been employed on the estate in question in order to keep it under surveillance.

We have to mention the fact that the properties on the estate are worth almost ten million pounds.

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