Shruti had a bad time while shooting

Mumbai: Another shooting for a film made on the beach. Nothing new about this, one would think. Well, things got a bit out of control at a certain point, and it ended up a bit more than just a shot.

Shruti Hassan was in Pattaya to shoot a song for her latest film, “Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji”. Now that it’s all put behind her, the actress feels confident enough to talk about it. She explained that it was very easy to do the shootings in Mumbai, as it was like home for them, and it was a controlled environment.

For the shootings in Thailand, things were slightly different. They went to their destination by boat when it was pouring outside, and thus tried to hurry to their destination, but on boat, that is quite hard.

The actress hoped for a warm and comfortable location for the shooting, but it wasn’t quite like that. When she got there, the waves kept hitting her pretty hard, and it was really hard for her to stand in one position during all this.

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