Shwetha Menon believes in destiny

Shwetha Menon is going to be married in June 18 with her a fortunate guy who goes by the name of Srivalsan Menon, who works as a financial consultant.  The marriage is arranged.

Even though she is very tired from the shooting of her new movie, she is able to give way to some reporters and answers their question in the set of her film.  She knows firsthand that in Showbiz, there are no such things as break.  Shwetha Menon both work as a model and as an actress, she got her first gig at the showbiz when she was just 15 years old.


She began telling everyone that the years of experience she has turned her into a mature and professional person.


Her exposure on the Miss India pageant gave way to her modeling and showbiz job.  She is able to accomplish such a good name for her when she was only in her twenties.  However, not all her experience was about glamor as one of those memories is about her broken marriage which she learned to endure over the years.


Although she manage to put her past behind her, she keeps thinking that if only she has able to have a heart-to-heart talk with her parents then the marriage never really happened.  She would never experience the grievances of her ruined marriage.  She also said that she is a believer in destiny that those things happen so that we could learn from it and become a better person.


It might be also destiny that gave her the role of Amina in P.T. Kunhumuhammed’s film Paradesi, which launched her career further.  Up to this day, the movie is one of the closest to her heart since Amina got older in the story.  This has taken her acting career into different grounds; it also gave her confidence to try out other roles.


When she is asked if she will be leaving her current career once that she is married, she said that she is not yet ready to leave the world of showbiz.  She fully loves her job and she would want to try a lot of roles that would be challenging for her.



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