Siddhartha Malya and Ranbir’s girl

This scene was seen in Siddhartha Malya at a birthday party that was organized for Shilpa Shetty. This calendar girl was spotted moving to the party venue with some friends including Prateik. When she entered the party she finds her way to Deepika Padukone’s boyfriend as soon as she spotted him.

Guests to the party who saw it all said that Sid was known to Angela as she once was a model in the calendar used by his company. They had known each other but they have never being to a party together. Both Sid and Angela were not distracted by the fact that there were other people in the party.

It was a field day for Sid because Deepika is in London engaging in one of the movies, so he could afford to relax with his friends and the girl who was showing interest. It is true that Sid loves Deepika but he still flirts around with other girls. Even the lady Angela loved the attention that was paid to her by Sid, this guest recounted.

Johnson has admitted having an affair with Ranbir Kapoor in the past. Her friends disclosed that she was always open about her feelings with men she likes. Those who know Angela very well knows that she does not hide her feelings about the man she likes, she is the type that likes discussing with men. This development should make Deepika to be worried.

Both Sid and Deepika know how to manage each other. It was reported that Deepika was seen around with a handsome Youngman in London’s Mayfair area, an exclusive place in UK. The two were said to be in amorous mood.

An onlooker said that some few nights ago Deepika was dropped at exclusive Cirque Du Soir which is reserved for exclusively for members only. That night members dressed in particular uniform and the men did the same but Deepika wore a casual clothe, and she appeared cozy with this same young man.

The man was not a celebrity but she seems to enjoy the company of the young man.

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