Smriti Irani gives up television for politics

Smriti Irani, well known and beloved actress, is now wishing to start working on her political career more intensely. She stated that she is about to take a two years break from television, or even more, during which she will be more active than ever before in her campaign. Smriti is the “All India President of Bhartiya Janta Party”, the women wing.

The actress has just finished shooting for a new film. While being a quite active politician, Smriti also managed to shoot this regional film, a Bengali originated story, which was entitled “Amrita”. Another film which announces to be a hit is “Jai Bolo Telangana”. This film started from a controversial script based on a true story, regarding the issue of Telengana, where the film gets its name from. Smriti was chosen for this film thanks to her common face.

After this project will be finished, Smriti will focus only on her political career. She says she has several projects she intends to develop in the near future. If this does not work and she remains without a job, Smriti says she will return to television.

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