Soha Ali Khan draws inspiration from her father!

According to Soha Ali Khan who plays the role of a hearing impaired person in her upcoming project Soundtrack, her inspiration for her character is her father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. Mansoor Ali Khan was famous for playing for the Indian cricket team after he became visually impaired at the tender age of 20 and he later even went on to become the Captain of the Indian cricket team.
Soha says, ” Papa had gone completely blind in one eye when he was only 20 years old. Initially, he would put an eye patch and play. But that distracted him, so he removed it and continued playing. When one has vision only in one eye, playing sports or driving is difficult as you cannot judge distances or fathom the depth and perspective. But my father played like that for the entire length of his career.”
She has also learnt the sign language especially for her role in the movie from the Helen Keller Institute which is situated in Parel. She specified how earlier she used to take her five senses for granted but since playing the role has learnt to appreciate people who have disability and how one should be thankful to god for giving us a healthy body.

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