Sonakshi and her bikini picture

As everyone already knows, the latest issue of Maxim magazine was present none other than the Bollywood super star Sonakshi Sinha. The latest buzz in the entertainment industry of Bollywood is that the picture in which the actress was wearing a bikini was not real.

Sources have stated that the Bollywood actress has never posed in a bikini, and that she does not understand by nobody believes her. In fact it seems that after some investigation, it has been found that the picture in question was not real. It was modified in photo shop from the movie ‘Dabangg’, which was the debut film of the actress.

Sonakshi Sinha was indeed telling the truth about that Maxim editorial. She had said quite a few times that she was very disappointed, and she was very upset on the magazine for not playing fair. In the end she managed to come out clean. Now she is in talks with various film producer, discussing future collaboration. She has made clear once again that she will not do bold scenes.

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