Sonakshi following Vidya’s footsteps

Mumbai: The newcomer to the film industry of Bollywood, none other than the lovely Sonakshi Sinha is indeed one of the most popular actress
in tinsel town. Her performance in the debut movie Dabangg has brought her many satisfactions and continues to bring her many awards here and there. However, many voices in tinsel town have made comments regarding the young actress and the parts that she has selected to play.


Many B-town insiders have started to trace parallels between the newcomer and the actress Vidya Balan. In spite of the fact that the two
Bollywood actresses belong to different generations, it appears that the two of them actually share a lot in common.


Our source, which wanted to remain anonymous, had even more to say on this topic “The reasons for drawing comparisons between Vidya Balan and Sonakshi Sinha have their own logic. Firstly, like Vidya, Sonakshi is trying to project an image of the earthly heroine. Not only that, both Vidya and Sonakshi are reluctant to expose their bodies beyond a certain point. While, Vidya might have changed her ideas now given the fact that her upcoming film THE DIRTY PICTURE will have lot of skin show, Sonakshi for the moment seems
to be overlooking this fact.”


“Vidya Balan has come a long way. Now, she has no issues with exposing her body. I think it dawned on her late that Bollywood actresses
with little sex-quotient don’t make up for popular icons. Now, she is trying to go for an image makeover with THE DIRTY PICTURE,” added the same source.


Well, we believe that Sonakshi has a lot to learn from Vidya Balan regarding her ban on bikinis and showing off her body. This is not a success
formula, and if it did not work for Vidya, more than sure it won’t work for Sonakshi.

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