Sonakshi happy to by Katrina’s successor in the Dyna advertisement

Mumbai: As you already may know, the lovely Bollywood actress has managed to beat Katrina Kaif in terms of popularity. A result of this fact is that she was even chosen to be the new ambassador for the Dyna soap line. The actress who had this job before was, as you can probably guess, Katrina Kaif.  

In a recent interview the actress was asked about the shooting of the ad, and she replied that it was very fun indeed. She really enjoyed getting in the bathtub for it. As it happens, the two Bollywood actresses, Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha are both the protégées of the actor Salman Khan.

Even though there have been many rumors about an animosity between the two of them, Sonakshi Sinha insists that there is nothing true in all of this. She also wanted to add, that she admires Katrina very much indeed and does not feel at all that she has replaced her in the commercial advertisement for Dyna soap. We have to wonder if we are going to see another fight between actresses.

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