Sonakshi picture: FAKE?!

On the cover a men’s magazine, a picture of Sonakshi Sinha wearing a skimpy bikini. On the original cover, Sonakshi was shown in a sensuous photo, which caught the eyes of several TV show producers and magazine writers. In one of these magazines, an article was published regarding why the shy and conservative daughter of BJP leader decided to take off her clothes.

Sonakshi was very upset with the article and her mother even more so. The actress managed to make the magazine publish an apology article, but that was not enough for her. Punam Sinha, Sonakshi’s mother, blames the actress’ enemies for this problem. They said that the face is Sonakshi’s indeed, but the body is certainly not hers.

The editor of the magazine in which the blaming article was published, Vivek Pareek, also commented, saying that they work only with top photographers and they do not morph pictures.

However, just taking a look at Sonakshi shows us that she has to lose more than just a couple of pounds to look like the cover picture.

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