Sonakshi Sinha designs for Ranbir Kapoor

Mumbai: The Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinah has proved herself to be more than just a beauty. The 23 years old celebrity has some hidden talents as well. During a recent event which took place in the Capital, the actress showed off her designing aptitudes. It appears that she sketched an outfit for none other than Ranbir Kapoor.

There are only few people that know the fact that the actress has a degree in fashion. It seems that when it was asked her to create an outfit for her colleague actor, Sonakshi sketched something right away. As she was busy with her sketching, Ranbir joked “Hope you will design something more than just a towel (referring to his towel dance in the film Saawariya).”

In just a few minutes, the actress created a sleeveless fashionable kurta and dhoti. Sources say that as she was showing it to Ranbir Kapoor, Sonakshi said “I am actually quite surprised that you are wearing a Nehru jacket. So, I thought of designing this traditional outfit. It will suit you.”

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