Sonakshi Sinha in Maxim

By now it is common knowledge that the beautiful Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha has a few reservations when it comes to take part in steamy scenes in her films. Maybe that’s way many viewers cannot really associate her with sensuality. In fact this is the likely thing to be said about the young actress. However, the recent number of Maxim magazine shows the opposite.

Under the headline called ‘sensuality in motion’, Sonakshi Sinha made a few interested remarks. It seems that it was a really exciting experience for her to show her other side, unseen before by the large public. In the same interview, Sonakshi talk about her wishes regarding her professional life. She added that at the moment she desires to work with everybody.

Sonakshi also said that in her personal opinion being sexy is equal to imaginatively attractive, not necessarily provocative. The Bollywood actress said that would much rather be sexy and subtle at the same time. She believes very much that her sexiness is in much part in her eyes.

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