Sonakshi Sinha in the Top 10

Mumbai: The latest buzz in the film industry of Bollywood is related to the fact that actress Sonakshi Sinha has managed to make her way up to the Top 10 diagrams. Even though she is only a debutant with a little experience in the industry, she is very appreciated by the entire major film maker. Not to mention that fact that she managed to win the hearts of audience as well.

We can say that the young debutant actress was indeed very privileged to have starred in the smashing hit film called ‘Dabangg’. But, as the actress herself stated, the picture did not permitted her to expose all of the facets of her acting personality. Nevertheless it was a perfect starting point for a career than is expected to be huge one.

Sonakshi Sinha can now build her career on this first success, as this start was still a good one for her. Now we can only wait and see if she will continue to make all the right choices for her.

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