Sonakshi Sinha is the shy Indian village girl

Mumbai: After the film Dabangg in which she played came out, not only the attention of the onlookers was on her, but also the eyes of the most important movie producers from Bollywood. She managed to conquer all of them with her shy Indian village miss behavior. In fact it was her own father, Shatrughan Sinha that said Sonakshi is perceived as an actress who will play in roles with restrictions, as she wants to maintain the good name of her family.

Even the father of the tinsel town actress said that he imagines her to adhere only to such roles, and could never imagine Sonakshi Sinha in any other posture. But it appears that the young Bollywood actress is finally ready to take on different roles than the one she had in Dabangg. In her upcoming movie we will get the chance to see her in quite some high end actions filled with all sorts of gadgets. It remains to be seen if Sonakshi will have the same success she had with Dabangg.

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