Sonakshi Sinha to beat Katrina Kapoor

Mumbai: there is no doubt about it, the most famous and well liked lady of the hour in Bollywood is none other the actress Sonakshi Sinha, who apparently has managed to beat Katrina Kapoor in terms of popularity. Until now, the hottest celebrity in tinsel town was Kat, who managed to win the hearts of everyone due to her performance in Tess Maar Khan.

But now, is Sonakshi the one to enjoy the popularity thanks to her film Dabang where she starred opposite Salman Khan. From what we have heard, she is not only desired by film producers, but also by famous brands to make her their products’ promoter. In fact she replaced Kat as the spoke person of Dyna soap. As for the rumors of the misunderstandings between her and Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi wanted to set the records straight by saying the rumors are completely fabricated.

All seems to be working out quite well for the young celebrity, but we can’t help to wonder what will happen when a new face will conquer Bollywood.

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