Sonakshi styled Salman for Dabangg

New Delhi: Sonakshi Sinha made her big debut, as we all know, in the successful “Dabangg”, at the side of Salman Khan. This is a fact that we all know. However, there is one little thing that was not revealed to the public. So far. Apparently, Sonakshi has been the style counselor of Salman during their photo shoots. For the Daboo Ratnani shoot which took place last year, Sonakshi indicated to Salman that he should definitely take off his shirt.

In fact, Sonakshi thinks that Salman is really stylish. She was asked which actor she finds to have more style between Akshay and Salman, and her answer was naturally Sallu, explaining that she was the one to style the mach actor, thus revealing the long kept secret. She added ‘Salman is the man of the masses and class people follow everything he does, whether it is the bracelet or then the sunglasses in Dabangg.’

Sonakshi was more than privileged after the release of the film. She even took the place of Katrina Kaif for Provogue, as their new brand ambassador.

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