Sonali copies Yana on panty issue

Mumbai: We are all used to seeing Yana Gupta walking around wearing no panties, but seeing this tendency is being passed on to other actresses is even more disturbing. This time, it was Sonali Bendre’s turn to make a foul out of herself after making a public appearance while wearing no panties.

The Bollywood actress definitely caught the attention of all the other guests invited at the party hosted by the filmmaker Karan Johar. Wearing a black, skimpy dress, Sonali, who is married to the director Goldie Behl, was seated next to Aishwarya Rai, her closest family friend.

Word is that the actress did not leave a thing to the imagination, showing off as much as she could. Her inappropriate, disgusting behavior at the party, combined with the too revealing outfit, if one could even call it a dress, left everyone dazzled.

Sonali was not shy about speaking of this either. When the press contacted her to comment on the matter, all she had to say was that she was content that everyone saw ‘it’.

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