Sridevi gets ready for her big comeback

New Delhi: The famous actress Sridevi, who has been the top of the television shows in the 80’s, is now ready to make a great comeback. She will appear in the newest film of Balki, called “Paa”, which will be directed by Balki’s wife, Gauri Shinde.

The role that Sridevi got in the film is that of a woman who does not understand English, but is married to a highly educated man. Basically, the storyline emphasizes the tension that appears between the two in their marriage, and how she manages to overcome their issues. Another married couple, Balki and Gauri, have worked very hard over the past months to see the film produced perfectly.

Sridevi has also been working hard for her big comeback, going every day to the gym to stay fit. The actress is very excited to have been given a second chance in her career. According to a source, the actress simply loved the film offer made by Balki and Gauri, and could not be more excited about her role. We sure can’t wait to see her comeback!

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