SRK brings Kareena Kapoor at IPL

Mumbai: The opening ceremony of the IPL is starting in Chennai tonight, and the Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor has already announced her presence. And the one who made it all happen is none other than the King himself. SRK is going to perform during the inaugural ceremony, and some way or the other he managed to pursue Bebo to come down to the stadium.

Kareena was not very supportive of the team in the past year, but this time she is about to make up for it and cheer on for the Mumbai Indians. Standing at SRK’s side, she will cheer for the Kolkata Knight Riders. However, this is more a promotional stunt, as their real intentions are to promote the forthcoming high voltage sci-fi flick, “Ra.One”.

Since Kareena Kapoor is the leading actress of the film, Shah Rukh Khan asked her to come to all the matches that the KKR will be playing, trying to promote the film. Although Kareena will be leaving for Delhi for the shootings of “Agent Vinod”, her newest film, she will try to make it to all the matches.

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