Tapasee rejected “Buddha”

New Delhi: The actress Tapasee, known for her Tamil and Telugu roles played excellently, who was also given the unofficial title of “reigning actress”, was allegedly approached by the director Puri Jagannath, who is a very respectable and active director in the Tollywood film industry, to star in a Hindi film.

The combination sounds very promising, and the film will surely be a success. The film “Buddha” will be produced by the Ram Gopal Varma. The rumors are that the director offered Tapasee a very meaty role in the film “Buddha”, which also stars the famous Amitach Bachchan in the lead role.

Let’s not get our hopes up now! It seems that the actress has already made up her mind about the film, and the answer is not satisfying. Tapasee declined the offer, or so it is said. We are still waiting for an official response from the actress.

The actress is now taking her time now to enjoy the success that her latest film is recording at the box office, “Aadukalam”, starring Dhanush, and is also working on two other films.

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