The Curious Case of Vidya’s Wedding

She might not be the hottest bikini actress in town, but she certainly knows how to be hot and appealing off and on screen. The sensuous girl of Bollywood, Vidya Balan is now confused with the kind of funny rumors that are surrounding her wedding with UTV head Siddharth Roy Kapoor. There are many magazines and websites that are already talking a lot about how Vidya has kept the media away and secretly married the UTV head.

However, Vidya Balan has denied that there is any  truth in all the news that is going around about her marriage. Actually, the news of her wedding with the UTV head flooded on Twitter and it is still going on strong. When many of the media persons got in touch with her she denied the fact that she is married. She replied that she is very much busy making Dirty Pics and that there is hardly any time left for wedding plans. It is assumed that some of her fans twitted the rumor on Twitter because the fans might have noticed that she is very close to UTV head and there are many incidents when both of them are photographed together.

Some of the tweets even said that the couple is all the way on their honeymoon which was quite a joke. Many media people say that Vidya is very close to Siddharth Roy Kapoor since the time of No One Killed Jessica which was produced by UTV. Soon after that they both were spotted in Khandala and in Goa together which raised the suspicion in the minds of fans and various media personalities. Apart from the holidays, both Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapoor were spotted at few family functions which officially stamped them as couple.

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