Veena Malik gets married!

DSC-6553_085811Dont believe us? But the news is cent percent true! This Christmas, Veena has shocked all with the news of her marriage. The Pakistani bombshell, who tried her hand at B-town,and is known for her dramas and tantrums, and who was also to have a Swayamwar out in public, got hitched to a businessman.

Without adding her usual loud and attention-seeking touch to it, Veena is reported to have married a Dubai-based businessman, plus family friend, Asad Bashir Khan Khattak in Dubai, in hush hush tones. The nikah took place in a court in Dubai. The wedding was a guarded affair as Veena’s mother is unwell.


It was made public and Veena took to social networking sites to post a pic of the wedding bands with her husband. But Veena Malik promises to have a gala reception. Veena Malik, after all! Has to be!

Controversy and Veena are names quite synonymous with each other. And Veena has her expertise of being in news for reasons controversial, since a long time. Since days Veena stepped in the Big Boss house, to her nude covers, to affairs and link-ups to her movies like Zindagi 50-50, to going missing, Veena has shocked all every step of the way. Had not the channel closed, Veena would have even held a swayamwar, as she was hoping to find her mate. And now Veena yet again bombed all with the news of her marriage.

Well! For all Veena Malik fans, if any, this is a heartbreaking piece of news. And for others, who are shocked by her acts in not-so-good way, should at least congratulate Veena, on making the decision of her life. Congratulations Veena! Hope you choose to stay in Dubai and not return to India! (Was it rude?)




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