Veena Malik, Islam or not?

Veena Malik, a contestant at the popular Bigg Boss show, has won the hearts of many viewers and has now a real fans base in India. However, the Pakistani actress has caused controversies back home.

Invited on a talk show at a Pakistani TV channel, Mufti Abdul Qawi started a heated discussion about the ousted contestant of Bigg Boss. The conversation started with the name of Ali Sallem aka Bagum Nawazish Ali, and soon turned towards Veena, Mufti expressed his anger caused by the indecent behavior that Veena has showed. Mufti Abdul Qawi went as far as calling her a “threat to Islam”. This subject has long been debated on forums and social networking sites in Pakistan.

Another side of this story is discussed on a blog. Some people do not understand how Veena became a representative of Islam. Veena Malik has been an actress in Lollywood for a long time, and does not have any apparent connections to Islam, except Pakistan, which she left behind long ago.

This mater is not over yet, and it seems unlikely for it to end soon.


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