Veena Malik threatened by the Taliban

It seems that no one is safe from the clutches of Taliban and their gang members as this time they have threatened the Pakistani actress Veena Malik with dire consequences and blaming her for humiliating Islam and blemishing Pakistan’s image during her stint in Big Boss in India.

According to the sources Veena Malik possesses a letter from the chief commander of Taliban Maulana Masood himself in which she and her family have been threatened with their lives. The actress in turn has applied to several countries seeking asylum as it is not safe for her to stay in Pakistan any longer.

Veena Malik had an eventful stay in Big Boss during which she unabashedly mingled around with her male co stars especially Ashmit Patel and Hrishant Goswami and there are rumours that she even shared some intimate moments with Ashmit while being on the night duty.

She is currently shooting for a cricket show in India for a news channel and she maintains that she has done nothing wrong on the show. According to Veena, she went back to Pakistan knowing completely well of the consequences she would have to face but death threats to her and her family was the last straw.


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