Vibha Anand quits “Balika Vadhu” for “Sanskar Laxmi”

We all know Sugna, the character from “Balika Vadhu”. For those who love the show and the character, we have some bad news. Vibha Anand, the actress portraying Sugna, has quit the show after receiving an offer she could not refuse. She will star shootings for the serial “Sanskar Laxmi”, on Zee TV, in the lead role.

Vibha has stopped the shootings for “Balika Vadhu” about two weeks ago. The writers of the show are in a jam, and do not know yet what fate Sugna will have. Vibha promised that if they would need her, she is willing to help out.

In “Balika Vadhu”, Vibha played the role of a young girl, in an important, wealthy family in Rajasthan.

In her new TV serial, Vibha will be playing the role of Laxmi, a Gujarati, married in a joint family. Laxmi has strong Indian values. She is very well mannered and obedient, and treats everyone like they’re part of her family.

Alongside Vibha, we will be seeing Anishka Kapoor, Vivan Bhathena and Aamir Dalvi in the show.

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