Vidya Balan and her films

Mumbai: The B-town actress seems to be quite a successful one, as all of her films No One Killed Jessica, Parineeta and Paa appear to have been created especially for her. One could say that the Bollywood star has managed to make a name in the industry due to her choice of pictures.

And after the release of her latest movie, No One Killed Jessica, the star has straitened her position on one of the most talented actresses in the industry. About her latest release, the actress is simply exhilarated. She admits that indeed she has worked very hard to assure the success of the film. She did her best to play the part in a veridical manner.

The latest buzz in the Bollywood entertainment industry are that after seeing the acting skills of the actress, many directors are putting roles aside especially for her. For example, Sujoy Ghosh has penned “Kahani” having only the actress Vidya in mind. Well, it seems that all things are looking up for the talented actress.

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