Vidya Balan does not do naked pictures

Mumbai: These past few days there have been quite a few rumors in the Bollywood industry related to Vidya Balan and the fact that she got very upset over some attempts to damage her image, how a source put it. As everyone already knows by now, the tinsel town actress has become the newest muse of the well liked artist M.F. Hussain.

Some reports on this subject were that the successful Bollywood celebrity would be able to bare all for his paintings. It seems that these things were the ones that really managed to upset Vidya Balan, as they were not at all true. A source close to the actress has told us that Vidya Balan did not accept to expose for the painting.

Even more, it appears that the entire story was made to damage the reputation she has managed to built in the tinsel town industry. She has always wanted to maintain a dignified stance, both in her professional and personal life. Therefore is it understandable that Vidya felt offended by the comment.

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