Vidya Balan in ‘Kahani’

The beautiful actress Vidya Balan has accepted to star in the ‘Kahani’ directed by Sujoy Ghosh. Her decision to accept to perform in this latest Bollywood production was received very well by the director. According to his latest statements, he was indeed very pleased with the decision of the actress.

In addition the director of the film, Sujoy Ghosh, said that actress Vidya Balan can really tell a really valuable script, which was been in a way part of her smashing success in the Bollywood entertainment industry. In her career the actress has managed to chose very good parts. Vidya has played a large variety of characters – from the part of the careworn mother, to a very seductive rural woman. Each character that she plays is different from the last, and with each of them she tries to push herself over the limits and experiment new things.

In the opinion of the director of ‘Kahani’, that is how the young actress Vidya Balan obtained her success in the movie world.

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