Vidya Balan in the role of a prankster

Mumbai: A rumor has been going all over town regarding none other than the well liked actress Vidya Balan. This is that Vidya Balan is quite a prankster. In order to back up his claim, the source told a story regarding the stunt that the actress pulled on her personal stylist Vijeta. This took place very recently.

According to sources, it appears that one night Vidya Balan called her stylist to her room, where she had been expecting her in her Bhool Bhulaiya kinda outfit. The actress said to Vijeta ‘Bas, aur kya?’ at which moment the girl ran out of there very scared in deed. The actress seemed very amused by the reaction of Vijeta. It seems that the well liked Bollywood super star Vidya Balan is not only a talented actress, but also a very ingenious prankster.

It seems that Vidya made the decision of scaring her like this after the past evening she heard her say that she was really frightened of the actress’ performance and Bhool Bhulaiyya.

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