Vidya Balan pregnant

Actress Vidya Balan is one of the actresses from Bollywood who can play without difficulty almost any role. She does not back down from anything and manages to play quit well some of the hardest and more complex part in the movies. Not many of the Bollywood actresses have the courage to take on such challenges in their films.

In her upcoming picture Vidya plays the part of a pregnant woman. Her husband, who works both in London and in India, disappears without a trace during a business trip in Kolkata. Then, the character played by Vidya decides to go to India in search of him. During the entire duration of the picture Vidya will be seen with a belly, as her character is almost six month pregnant.

In a recent interview the director of the film Says Sujoy that the well liked Bollywood super star has managed to play the part with an effort. He was very impressed by the way in which Vidya makes the character seems so real.

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