Vidya Balan Sets Fashion Trends for Upcoming Film

There is no doubt about the fact that hottie Vidya Balan is the name to watch out for in Bollywood these days. She has many household successes under her belt and definitely many more to come, now that she has signed to appear in the biopic The Dirty Picture, based on the life and death of Bollywood superstar Silk Smitha. But that’s not the only great news about Vidya Balan going around these days. The singing and acting hottie, set to become a household name in the upcoming period of time, will definitely make loads of money off her next project and those to come. Vidya’s latest and greatest success was her role as Sabrina Lal in the biopic No One Killed Jessica. The film, produced by UTV Spotboy and directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, was a huge success both with critics and audiences and virtually transformed Vidya into a household name.

Giving Back to the Community

Since Vidya will have little to no worries about money on her mind, it has been announced that the star will purchase Saris from small local shops, as she goes on tour to promote her next project and hit songs. Reportedly, Vidya, who has been often photographed wearing some of the most impressive designs of Churidar suits there are, will have local tailors custom-make her matching tops for her sari outfits.

In the Rumor Mill

Not only has Vidya’s professional life been doing great, but rumors have been around since August that she has gotten married to UTV boss Siddharth Roy Kapoor. The two have worked together, vacationed together and been spotted together on lots of occasions, all of them informal, and looking very much like a couple. However, Vidya has not confirmed anything since, except that she is very busy with making The Dirty Picture, which we are sure she was, at the time.

It’s All about Advertising

The Dirty Picture project is being produced by Balaji Telefilms, who has been investing a lot of money and effort into promoting the upcoming film and creating a hype around it. Vidya has been actively involved in this marketing move, of course, and follows the crew on all stops of the promotional tour. She has been to Mumbai where, for the premiere of the film, she performed the song ‘O La La’, in a very sexy, provocative manner and in the best fashion available to a star, of course.

Announced Tour Locations

Allegedly, Vidya will perform in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow and several other locations. Local tailors will be given the opportunity to come up with a blouse concept for the sexpot and sew them for her themselves. So far, the promotional videos for the film showcase the voluptuous Vidya wearing a dazzling red sari, which was apparently inspired by Dimple Kapadia’s similar outfit for the movie Sagar. We would like to see Vidya Balan also try out some elegant Churidar suits or other inspiring fashions, for it is well known that whatever a star touches or puts on instantly becomes hit fashion.

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