Vidya did not meet Sabrina prior to the movie

Most actors and actress in Bollywood and not only, like to really study their character before playing it. However this is not always the case as for example, Vidya Balan did not want to meet Sabrina Lall previous to making the movie. In the film ‘No One Killed Jessica’, actress Vidya Balan plays the part of Sabrina Lall.

In a recent interview the Bollywood super star said that in fact she did not want to see Sabrina before the shooting of the film were finalized. She added that this was both her idea and that of the director Raj Kumar Gupta. The main reason for this unexpected decision was the fact that the director wanted the focus to be on their particular interpretation of the character.

The two – Vidya Balan and Sabrina Lall – only saw each other after the release of the picture, and not a moment sooner. At the moment the beautiful Bollywood actress is on a tour of promoting this much expected movie ‘No One Killed Jessica’.

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